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Désirée in Confeti Magazine

We are very happy to share with you that in winter edition of Confeti Magazine you can find an article about the Confeti Wedding Show. In this article, written by Natalie Rose Kern you can find information about us and our fashion show that we have organized during this fantastic event, that took place at Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar. Pictures used in this article were taken by talented Jonathan Joseph Manasco.

In our show models were: beautiful Miss Gibraltar 2015: Hannah Bado, 1st Princess: Bianca Pisharello and 2nd Princess: Natalia Nunez. Girls looked simply stunning in bridal gowns and accessories from our limited Bridal by Désirée Collection.





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Mrs. Gibraltar Pageant 2015

Last month Izablea from Désirée had a pleasure to join the judge panel in Mrs. Gibraltar 2015 Pageant. She has experience in being judge at beauty pageants, but this time it was different, as this show was created for married women between age 25-45, not for a professional models. Women who entered this contest had to be not only beautiful and intelligent, but also they were wives and very often mothers. Women with strong values and women beautiful inside and out, who are role models in their society.

With other judges we were able to see contestants in different routines, like evening, casual, swimwear routine and one of the most important: speech routine. The last one allowed us to see what cause the contestants were supporting, what were their values and how confident they were. The choice wasn’t easy, as all ladies worked really hard and did fantastic job at the stage, but after counting all votes, the winners were chosen:

Mrs. Gibraltar 2015 is: Serika Garcia

1st Princess: Ivanka Howe

2nd Princess: Lorraine Evans

From left: 1st Princess, Mrs. Gibraltar and 2nd Princess. Photo: Jonathan Joseph Manasco


Mrs. Gibraltar, Princesses and the judge panel. From left: Ruben Castillo Castañeda, Izabela Switon-Kulinska, Deepak Ramchandani, Christina Galliano, Karen Felice Guarnieri and Kelvin Hewitt. Photo: Jonathan Joseph Manasco


Izabela and Mrs. Gibraltar at the after party. Photo: Jonathan Joseph Manasco

For this event Izabela was wearing One Shoulder Lace Dress from Désirée Passion Collection. This dress is available in our online boutique.

We would like to thank the organizers of this show: Ideal Productions this great event and we would like to wish Serika best of luck at Mrs. Universe 2015 Pageant.

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Summer Collection 2015 Backstage

Last month we went to sunny Marbella to work on the photo shoot of  our Summer Collection- Le Désir.

We had a pleasure to work with fantastic team of professional and talented people.

To watch  backstage of this photo shoot click here.

Backstage photos:









Photos were taken by talented Joanna Kustra.

Make-up: Monika Qbiak

Hair and Stylist: Mariola Dominska

Model: Izabela Switon-Kulinska

Backstage: Justyna Zelazo

Assistant: Denise Poppleton

Special thanks to René and Sandi.


Soon we will be able to show you results of the photo shoot.

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Dolce & Gabbana – Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Viva España

Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign is definitely the best ads campaign of this year. Sicilian heritage of the brand is combined with Spain’s matador history and full of influences from both cultures. The art director of the campaign was Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, was the photographer. Their collection was captured on the streets, where Spanish bullfighter José Maria Manzanares was accompanied by beautiful models, who danced flamenco and also typical, charming Spanish grandmothers.


The pulsating pallet of red, pink, white, black, gold gives us sensual touch of Mediterranean tradition. We can spot black laces, red flowers, corsets, matador’s jackets, catholic elements, flamenco polka dots, romantic full skirts, high-waisted shorts and many others.


Sacred Hearts taken from the catholic religion are one of the main decoration element in this collection. They are turned into the medals, rich embroidery and jewellery.


The designers said that this collection is both, for mother and daughter. According to them, more and more women of different age go shopping together. Daughter might like bloomer shorts, while mother might prefer black pantsuit with a heart-embroidered cummerbund. Some of the designs, like white shirts with lace and pin-tucking, pumps or ankle boots could be perfect for all generations of fashion lovers.

dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign13All models wear their hair in low buns, typical Spanish style with deep red flowers on sides. To complete the look they have soft red, plump lips, which is characteristic to the both, Spanish and Sicilian tradition.


As the designers said, they didn’t look for the inspiration during a nice holiday in Spain, but instead they point out the tradition behind it: “The Spanish occupied Sicily for 300 years! There are so many shared things in our cultures—the music, the food, the decorated horse carts!”

Désirée loves this campaing and we hope that so do you! Olé!


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My Hair Secrets

I am a hair stylist with many years of experience and I would like to share with you some of my hair related secrets. Today and in the next posts I will show you which products you can use and what actions you can take to create the locks of your dreams…
So let’s start with the first look:

Désirée Woman- The sensual look
When men were questioned  in different magazines, which hairstyle is the most sexy and the most appealing for them, there was no doubt, that shiny waves and curls where on the top of the lists. Today I will show you how to create this most wanted by men look.

We need to start with some preparation. Our hair needs to be healthy, shiny and long. Don’t worry if your hair is short … there is a way to help you with this, and it’s called Hair Extensions.
There are two methods:

  • First method will use natural hair attached to your own by comb style clip on the end. It’s a very fast method, and I use it a lot during the photo shoots. However this method is not long lasting, so if you are planning to take a bubble bath with your man, then I recommend you to look at more permanent, method number two (described below).
  • Second way, is a professional hair extension done by the hairdresser. It lasts for 2 or 3 months, and you can lead a perfectly normal life: swim, go to the gym or dive. The advantage of this option is that your hair looks beautiful all the time, and whenever you feel like you want to create the magazine cover look, you can easily do it.

I strongly recommend HAIR TALK extensions, it’s one of the most prestigious brands. This system allows to add volume, length and colour in less than an hour. By using invisible tape, your hair looks very natural, and your man will surely notice your beautiful locks and won’t even think that you helped the nature … well, just a little bit 😉


Hair Talk Extensions / hair& make-up Mariola Domińska
Hair Talk Extensions / hair& make-up Mariola Domińska


When you already have long hair and would like to have your hair styled the same way as the Désirée model, the easiest way will be go to visit your hairdresser or try to do it by yourself, at home.
How to create the look of Désirée model from the photo shoot in 4 easy steps:

Dress from ‘Shine by Désirée’ collection. Photo: Agnes Kubicka; Model: Angelika; MUA, Hair and Stylist: Mariola; Art Director: Izabela


  1. The model’s hair was washed in Kerastase Bain Voluminactiv Shampoo, then I used  Kerastase Lift Vertige product to add volume. This product lifts the roots, adds shine and gives UV and heat protection.    ImageResize.ashx
  2. When hair was ready, I used curler and then combed them.
  3. At the end I used Form Fatale by Kerastase, this product adds all-over volume and shine, gives structure and provides lasting, yet flexible hold. images
  4. I finished and set the look with Kerastase Laque Couture. BXMediaPlusMasterImage186731file

Et voilà, shiny waves are done in less than 30 minutes.

In next part of „My Hair Secrets” I will show you how to do Brigitte Bardot hair at home.

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Who we are

This blog is part of the Désirée clothing line, created by two best friends, Mariola and Izabela: two women who share the same values, same life philosophy and love for fashion. They want to dress women who embrace their femininity, who value great quality and want to wear something unique that will distinguish them.

Désirée’s women are beautiful, confident, sexy, classy, they feel good in their bodies, and they know how to express themselves.

Dress from ‘Shine by Désirée’ collection. Photo: Agnes Kubicka; Model: Angelika; MUA, Hair and Stylist: Mariola; Art Director: Izabela


You can find more information about Izabela and Mariola in the About Us section.